Built-in-Microwave-bosch-–-Ease Built-in Microwave bosch – Ease

Built-in Microwave bosch – Ease

Built-in Microwave bosch – Ease , The built-in microwave feature of the Bosch Series 8 oven has been designed to provide you with a simple solution to making fast, flavoursome meals – without the effort. Aside from having the ability to function as a regular standalone microwave would (defrosting food, warming up leftovers etc.), it has a number of other useful functions too. In fact, with the help of the built-in microwave, you can now speed up your cooking processes by up to 50%.

Microwave Bush Usage Guide

The question is, how exactly does the built-in microwave work? And is it easy to use? Here’s a step by step guide to ensure the ultimate in user-friendliness and effortless, perfect results every time.

STEP 1: Place your meal into the oven and choose the correct cooking program as you usually would when using the Bosch Series 8.

STEP 2: With the help of the TFT display, choose to incorporate the built-in microwave into your conventional cooking process.

STEP 3: Press ‘Start’ and let your oven do the rest.

STEP 4: Once your meal is ready (and this will be in half the time that you might expect), the oven will notify you with an audible signal.

STEP 5: Once you hear the signal, remove your meal from the oven and marvel in its perfection, despite the reduced cooking time.

Bush After Sales Service

The best part about using the built-in microwave to help cook your favourite meals is the fact that it does not affect the flavour or texture of the food. Delicious, effective and simple… and it isn’t the only Bosch Series 8 oven feature that is easy to use

Built-in Microwave bosch – Ease

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